Friday, October 10, 2008

"Be a Buddy"

Did you know your pets can teach you things? They're so lighthearted and easygoing. Sometimes I can be so uptight and usually have a zillion things on my mind all at the same time. Then my Gideon presses his cold, wet nose into my leg with a toy hanging out of his mouth and makes me stop.

He's asking me, his favorite companion to participate in his playtime. You see, it's more fun when you have a buddy and everyone needs a cheerleader. When we play I'm his cheerleader and that encourages him to have the best time he can and succeed at his game. I get to hootin' and hollerin' and clapping my hands as he chases his toy and I praise him when he brings it back. He just has a blast and so do I.

He always makes me laugh and helps to make me a bit more lighthearted and easygoing myself. I've noticed when I'm down in the dumps and less than enthusiastic in our playtime he's sensitive to that and takes on that same heaviness and almost immediately loses interest in play and takes to his bed; it's just no fun anymore.

So take a break, loosen up, laugh, put self aside, be a buddy to someone who needs encouragement and help put some spring back into their step that they might want to chase their "toys" or pursue their dreams that all alone they might not do. Maybe those "toys" will come back to you.

P.S. Thank you Cathy for being my sister and my buddy and giving me the encouragement I need to continue to stand and chase my "toys". I love you Sis. My eyes are forever fixed on Him. I'm so grateful we can look to the Lord together and share His love through life's adventures and all the daily challenges we face.

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