Friday, October 10, 2008

My Craft Room 
Jeff got me this craft table, chair and lamp set
a fewyears ago for my birthday. All my cutting
guides, scissors, adhesives, markers,
pens and whatnots are right at hand.

(Notice the "Gid Kid" pictures on the wall to the right -
my Baby!)

Jeff recently hung the shelf for me above the craft table that I purchased @ 40% off - a great deal! I get all my stuff slowly andon sale. It stores my rubber stamps, and most of my large collection of craft punches, which are so much fun.

The ribbon you see on the shelf only reflects perhaps 1/4 of the supply I have. It turns out ribbon is great in scrapbooking too.  It really adds such beauty when framing out a picture or positioning it somewhere on the page. It's also fantastic in card making. Boxes and drawers hold stickers galore and other crafty stuff.

I've gotten rid of so many of my stuffed animals.
This very inexpensive purple bear on top of my paper
rack I had to keep. He's so cute! And he's purple after all.
See the picture behind him? The little girl in bed is praying
over her meal with a kitten on one side and a dog on the other.  So me! But seriously, it helps to keep things in perspective. Looking over at that picture, as I often do when I'm in that room, reminds me Who I always need to keep my heart and mind focused on, and even my act of crafting is to be worshipful toward the King of kings and Lord of lords Who is so worthy of all my praise.

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