Saturday, August 1, 2009

"Transformed But Still in Process"

I woke up early this morning and couldn’t sleep but began reflecting on and writing about the goodness of God – His blessings, promises, provision, His love and so much more. How I so desperately need Him every moment of every day! I thank Him He is there to help.

The grace of God has seen me through
His joy, my strength, my heart consumed
With His truth that’s made me free
All my fears through Christ relieved.
He gives me hope, He lifts my head
I thank Him for His blood He shed.
That paid the price for sin and shame
For you, for me, He took the blame.
Now my heart is filled with song
For where I’m weak He makes me strong.
I run to Him throughout each day
To help me choose His righteous way.
Though I still stumble and I may fail
He reminds me of the cross, the crown of thorns and the nails.
And the love for me that held Him there
The guiltiness of man to bear.
And so I come to cast my cares
My heart, I ask, my God, prepare.
That I might walk the narrow road
Through twists and turns, upright, yet prone.
For I am surrendered, humbled, in awe
That He’d speak my name to answer His call.
To give a hope and a future, my destiny planned
Walked out with Jesus, my life in His hands.
Him, my peace and my rest through turbulent times.
For under the shadow of God’s wings I abide.
For He, Himself has drawn me, the face of God to seek
Our hearts intertwined, not in shallows but deep.
His Word comes alive, I hear His heartbeat
Cause my heart to fear You, Your commandments to keep.
For awesome is the Lord and worthy of praise
That I should honor Him in all, and so Lord, I pray
Mold me and shape me into the image of Christ
Help me more often to be not dark, but the light.
In a place where it’s not always easy to see
Come be our Shepherd, to guide us and lead.
I pray for Your will, nothing else to be our choice
Sensitive to heed only You and Your voice.
Remove from us clutter and all the things that distract
All the reasoning and excuses that keep us in lack
From the riches of Heaven, for that is our gain
Sing to us Father, Your life-giving refrain.
Let us join in the chorus, Your music, our sound
Echoing what You’ve given, Your tune to resound
Throughout all the earth, until all would hear
And worship You only, in reverence and fear
The Name above all names, Savior and King
Our lives to Your alter we willingly bring.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Search Me, O God"

What is important? Is it power or things?
Or is it a pure heart and the joy it can bring?
Is it speaking our minds or the need to be right?
Or are we dead to the prideful intents that cause fights?
Do we try to control and exercise might?
Or do we give others grace to grow and take flight?
Do we elevate self to climb to new heights?
Or do we sit with the humble, with spirits contrite?
Is it in another’s faults we delight?
Or do we love without measure to help make their path bright?
May we seek for the latter through the Lord who gives life
Helping each other through the dark to find light.
Choosing to do the good and what’s right
As the One Who would lead us guides and gives sight.
Taking our hands and embracing us tight
Lovingly holding, to keep us upright.
Until that day when we’re made perfect and joined with the One
Who watches and keeps us, Who calls us His sons.