Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Search Me, O God"

What is important? Is it power or things?
Or is it a pure heart and the joy it can bring?
Is it speaking our minds or the need to be right?
Or are we dead to the prideful intents that cause fights?
Do we try to control and exercise might?
Or do we give others grace to grow and take flight?
Do we elevate self to climb to new heights?
Or do we sit with the humble, with spirits contrite?
Is it in another’s faults we delight?
Or do we love without measure to help make their path bright?
May we seek for the latter through the Lord who gives life
Helping each other through the dark to find light.
Choosing to do the good and what’s right
As the One Who would lead us guides and gives sight.
Taking our hands and embracing us tight
Lovingly holding, to keep us upright.
Until that day when we’re made perfect and joined with the One
Who watches and keeps us, Who calls us His sons.

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