Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"His Love Remains the Same"

My appointment has been scheduled for my breast biopsy on Monday, March 22nd. I have to be there at 1:30 and the procedure is supposed to start at 2:00.

A very pleasant and kind woman, Donna, called me this morning, listened to my questions and concerns and then took them back to the Dr. for some answers before scheduling my appointment.

Good news is, the type of ultrasound guided needle biopsy that they are performing allows me to lay on my back and not my stomach, with my boob in a vice as I had anticipated and originally been told. This relieves some of my anxiety, that is, until after it's done and the waiting for the results begins. Bad news is, she said it takes about an hour and it's not so much the calcifications they are looking at as it is the mass they discovered encompassing these calcifications.

The Dr. who initially read my mammogram and ultrasound last Friday never said anything about a mass but I was informed by Donna today, and that's why I was referred for a biopsy. Oftentimes she said it's nothing and other times it's cancer, hence, the biopsy to confirm one way or the other.

I was feeling so much better after our first conversation this morning but once I heard the word, "mass", this afternoon, fear rose up in me once again. Good news is, it's a woman Dr. who will be performing the biopsy and that makes me feel better.

As always, I so desperately need the help and strength and amazing grace of the Lord to see me through. Oh, how life can just turn on a dime! Seems like there's been a lot of change thrown at me lately and they're turning up tails! Nothing is certain but the never changing love and tender care of our heavenly Father toward His children. Now, that's Good News! So, I look to and put my trust in Him as we travel this journey together, wherever it may lead. Hold me together, Lord!!!

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