Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Four Days Until Surgery :0"

I had another appointment with the plastic surgeon this past Thursday to answer any final questions I had before surgery on the 21st and to pick up post-op prescriptions. I also had to read and initial about 30 pages of surgery consent forms and instructions. I'm not kidding, it was ridiculous!

I really like Dr. Lickstein but I guess the proof will be in the pudding when reconstruction is fully complete some months down the road and I see the end result but I expect it to look great! As I've previously mentioned, he certainly comes highly recommended by my breast surgeon and several others I've talked to and I feel confident in my choices for both my plastic and breast surgeons. I know I'm in the good and most capable hands of the Lord and these doctors.

I have to go back to Dr. Lickstein on Tuesday, the night before surgery at 6:15 p.m. for him to place markings on my breast. Can you believe, a 6:15 appointment?! Then I'm up early and off to surgery the next day. So please, no calls on Tuesday night. I have to try and wind down and then get to bed early and get some sleep so I'm ready for the "Big Day".

Hopefully, I'll be home the day after surgery but they'll have to see how I'm doing the next day and decide if I'm ready to be discharged or not. Besides, I can't be away from my precious critters too long. I hate leaving them even overnight. I know, I'm a sap but these are my "babies".

I've made a lot of progress towards the ten zillion things on my "to do" list before my surgery and I'm feeling a bit better about that but I'm tired. I hate it when I have to pack so many things into a short time but it will all get done. (Heavy sigh) I love it when everything is organized and clean. Order is a wonderful thing.

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