Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Fill er Up With High Test"

I just got back a little while ago from
Dr. Lickstein's office for a 75 cc saline
injection to grow, what we will now call, "my ever-expanding new boob". He said everything looks good and reassured me all is well though I'm still having pain. Thankfully though, I've been off of the narcotics for pain and only on Ibuprofen for the past week...YEAH!!! So far I've had no additional pain since the injection and hopefully that will stick and I'll just keep making progress.

Since I've never been through this before I've really not known exactly what to expect. I suppose I've been overly optimistic and thought I'd be further along. Dr. Lickstein reminded me I'm just two weeks post surgery tomorrow and it takes time to heal after such a major surgery w/tissue expander and all the muscles involved and that each week will bring improvement. Thank you Dr. Lickstein. Patience has never been my strong suit.

He and his staff are really wonderful and give such great care and I feel better already. (And I'm not just saying that because I know you'll read this, Dr. Lickstein. I'm quite sincere and appreciate your compassion and expertise. Hey, by the way, I'm still waiting on a two for one offer...LOL!) I looked up your twin brother, David; you're both so adorable!

So, this was my big outing and adventure of the day (other than a big, iced caramel macchiato on the way home...YUM, I hadn't had one in two weeks and was going through withdrawal!) I'll go back to Dr. Lickstein in a week for another "fill-up" and continue the process until the size is right.


  1. The best part is when you are off the heavy pain meds (for any surgery)-then you can think more clearly and are not walking around (or laying around) in a brain fog. Just keep taking it day by day, it will get better and soon you will forget the pain. Your furbabies should be helping with that too!
    Will you have to do any physical therapy? Or is it just a matter of healing the surgical site?

  2. The cosmetic surgeon mentioned physical therapy if I think I need it later but thinks I'm doing pretty good and should be alright though I'm still in almost constant pain. I am definitely improving though. He says it can take many weeks to regain full range of motion and to just keep using and exercising that arm to strengthen it...slow but sure. This morning I was tempted to take a pain pill after a not so good night but am sticking to the Ibuprofen. The "fill-up" on Tuesday ended up giving me additional pain. Not looking forward to the next one on Monday. And yes, you know my babies are the best and always, always bring a smile to my face. Did you find out anything about your Abbe? BTW, if you get your haircut I want to see a picture of the new "do".