Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Purr-fect Therapy"

Anyone who lives with cats totally understands this picture which says it all...cats rule, and we'll readily give up our comfort for the sake of our feline children.

There's nothing like the peaceful feeling they bring as they curl up with us, motors running, completely content as we snuggle together.

There have been times when I've tossed and turned, unable to sleep until one of my kitties comes to visit me late in the night, lulling me to sleep with their sweet singing purrs and the feel of their soft fur.

Yes, I am a cat lover to the extreme and make no apologies for it.  They are sweet and delightful gifts from God who have often spoken to my troubled soul, soothing, comforting and helping, I believe, by God's hands to help slow down my racing thoughts as the Lord ushers in His peace.

Thank You, Lord, for all of Your awesome and most precious creatures!  Nothing is wasted with You.

(A page from my inspirational scrapbook)

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