Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Shelter Sweeties"

These are just a few pictures of some of my feline friends at the shelter where I volunteer.  Look at those beautiful faces!  Some of them have been here for months and others much longer.  There are young ones and old ones, those with special needs, "lookers" and just ordinary critters, all looking for a home and a human to call their own.
Dogs and cats come into the shelter every day, off the streets, stray and abandoned, neglected and abused, while many are owner surrendered for one reason or another. 
It breaks my heart every time I visit but the pictures in my mind of their pleading faces continue to draw me back to hold them, love them, to bring them goodies, to play and to reassure them that they are precious and loved and worth adopting.
I believe we need them and they need us too.  God put them here for a reason.  He takes delight in His creatures and delights that we take pleasure in them and care for them as well .
Creature comforts
A paw on my face
Nuzzling my neck
Trust in me placed.
A charcoal kitty
Looks with wistful, golden eyes
Yet they are also hopeful
As he says, 'Would you be mine?'
Then another approaches,
And another in need
Will they find forever homes?
Their eyes seem to plead.
Some may need a little patience
Some are wild, others shy
Some have been here so long
Wondering, 'Why?'
They may not be a "looker"
And they just get passed by
Will they get a second chance
To sit by a side?
Will a warm bed be offered
Some nourishing dish?
'I've so much to offer'
Spoken through soft purrs and licks.
I find it hard to leave them
And so I ask the Lord to hold
To keep them safe and care for them
Until He would unfold
To those He's called to rescue
Finding these a place
A lodging in the heart of one
Who would extend God's grace.
The compassionate and loving
Gaining so much in return
From unexpected teachers
In critter clothes to learn.

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