Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Mornings With The Lord"

This is a scrapbook page I created to depict my mornings alone with the Lord.  I can't wait to hide away with Him, with a delicious cup of coffee as I turn on the music (usually joining online with the, "International House of Prayer" -,
for worship, the Word of God, prayer and writing.

At times as I'm in the Scriptures I'm inspired to begin to create a scrapbook page around that Word.  I guess I'm kind of a "show and tell" kind of gal.  For me, this allows the Word to lodge deep in my heart as I go about creating.  Rarely is a page completed that same morning but I enjoy the process as I continue to listen to the Holy Spirit through these artistic designs.

I love all the ways the Lord chooses to speak to me, drawing me nearer to Him, delighting my soul and invigorating my spirit to bring about His purpose in and through my life for His glory.

Think about creating something today.  Offer it up to the Lord.  Have fun and let the Lord use whatever He desires through the gifts He's given to speak to you and perhaps to others as well.

(Click on picture for a full-sized view)

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